Air Systems Industrial Blowers

Air Systems Industrial Blowers
Type: TF 550 T57-3A
Power: 11kw
Air flow: 480m3/h
Pressure: 540mbar
Vacuum: -610bar
Weight: 214kgs
Product Details

Air Systems Industrial Blowers (2)

ModelstageFrequencyPowerVortageCurrentN.W.Sound MAXRated
Air FlowSuctionDischarge

TF 550 T67 -3AThree5011345-415△600-550Y22.0△/12.7Y16771480-610540

air systems industrial blowers

TF 550 T67-3A3~553710228420450894968593276651
214ϕ14.53258518G 32×M40×1.52×M40×1.5255M8×20-


SCB TF series Blowers are welcomed in industry applications, especially used in Sewage Treatment, Water treatment.

☆ Air Knife Cleaning and Drying System
☆ Air Coating; Spraying System
☆ Ultrasonic Washing and Cleaning Equipment
☆ PCB & PCBA Cleaning and Drying
☆ Plating Cleaning and Drying; Plating Aeration
☆ Pneumatic Conveying system; Central Conveying & Feeding System
☆ Central Vacuum Cleaning System; Dust Cleaning and Collections System
☆ Dust-Free Plant; Dental Fluid Suction / Collection
☆ Hopper Agitation; Hopper Loader / Vacuum Loader
☆ Vacuum & Turbo Lifting; Material Handling and Conveying
☆ Vacuum Filling Equipment; Bottling drying system
☆ Distillery Plants; Desalination Plant
☆ Stocking Knitting Machine; Textile Machine
☆ Printing Machine; Paper Transporting
☆ Soil Remediation; Sewage Treatment; Water Treatment
☆ Packaging Machine; Wood-working Machine
☆ Agriculture Field; Fish Farm; Aquaculture
☆ Tank Aeration; Swimming Pool; Spa Pool 

☆ Cooling for Molding; CNC Table
☆ Food Processing; Milk Suction Equipment
☆ Hospital Pneumatic Tube System
☆ Ozone or Vapor Extraction

Air Systems Industrial Blowers (3)

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