Hand Held Air Knife

Hand Held Air Knife
Model: SCB-COM-Length
Product Details

OEM Air knife, Customised air knife for customers

         Compressor air knives                    Stainess steel special customized air knife

hand held air knife

                 Jet air nozzle                                 Coanda effect air knife

SCB windjet knife system advantages:

1. Wind speed of air knife is 40 times more than the original air speed.

2. Energy consumption is generally reduced by between 150 and 300%.

3. Increase efficiency increased 30-150%

4. Easy installation, convenient, maintenance free, long life etc.

5. The air outlet is adjustable that means the traction air volume, the wind speed and the wind pressure can be adjusted.

6. Air knife length can be up to 2000mm.

7. Various inlet orifices are available, and inlet position is available on top, side and back for easy installation.

8. Top sustained winds of 200 m/s, the highest temperature tolerance, 250 ℃, the maximum pressure 2 KGF/cm2.

9. It can be equipped with high pressure fan, high speed centrifugal fan, air compressor, flexible and convenient application.



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