Air Jet Nozzle

Air Jet Nozzle
The welcomed air knives can be customized and OEM,
Product Details

air jet nozzle

Advantages of Jet air mouth:

1 applicable to dry cleaning and conveying of various types, such as through type, suspension type, trough type, rotary type, etc

2. Effectively cover the product with dry Togo surface and export flow rate up to 200m/s

3 suitable for drying complex products such as grooves, blind holes and special shapes

4. All stainless steel 304 or 316 material, made of CNC, low pressure loss

5. The effective distance can reach up to 40cm, which is more than twice the effective drying distance of air knife

6. The matching swing system can realize no blind area purging, and the effect is equivalent to manual air gun operation

Model introduction:

SCB-Jet-B (C)    B is length C is the mouth quantity

air jet nozzle

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