Compressed Air Nozzle Design

Compressed Air Nozzle Design
SCB - JET - 600mm
Jet Air Nozzle is consists of nozzle and manifold.
Material:stainless steel 304/316.
Longer drying distance more than 460mm.
Drying distance from air nozzle to the material surface required at least 130mm.
Product Details

Model introduction

SCB  -JET  --Length

Main pipe length

(not include the cover thickness)

Jet Air Nozzle


SCB Jet Air Nozzle are is a new kind design of air knife types, It is much better to provide a concentrated air to 

cleaning water get the good dry effect. The longer drying distance reaches more than 460mm!


SCB - JET - Length2" / 3" / 4"600-2,500mm

High efficient usage range:

· Drying Irregular products with various sizes and shapes

· Air coating

· Drying material with nooks, crannies or holes etc

· Applications requires concentrated high thrust air

· The drying distance required more than 130mm from the blow off surface

compressed air nozzle design

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