Air Blow Dry

Air Blow Dry
Outlet, inlet is adjustable.
Inlet can be customized (Max size is 51mm).
Material is aluminum alloy with anodized / hard anodized, acid and alkali resistant.
Product Details

Air Blow Dry

Outlet is adjustable (0.3-3mm).    

Inlet can be customized (Max size is 51mm).    

Material is aluminum alloy with anodized / hard anodized, acid and alkali resistant.    

Cost-effective, save space and easy install.

The max borne pressure is 5kgf/cm2, and speed reaches 400m/s.    

Hot air is available, temperature can bear 250℃.    

Small air resistance and sym meterical speed.

Air Blow Dry1


△ Ultrasonic Washing & Cleaning & Drying Equipment

△ Fridge board drying; Auto Part Drying

△ Electroplating Parts Drying; Plastic Sheet Drying

△ Plating Drying and Cleaning System

△ PCB & PCBA Cleaning and Drying Equipment

△ Bottling Drying & Cleaning & Labeling System

△ Vacuum Filling Equipment;

△ Food Processing and Drying System

△ Vacuum Package Machine; Material Handling and Conveying

△ Air Coating System; Spraying System

△ CNC Table dust cleaning system


Air Blow Dry

If you are interested in our air blow dry, welcome to buy the quality and energy saving equipment with our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory also accepts the customized orders.
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