Highly Precision Aluminium Alloy Air Knife

SCB provides effective and efficient air knife systems for process drying, cooling and cleaning of conveyed products. ●Material: aluminium alloy ●Type: Long side ●Application: Plastic, Glass, Board ●Advantages: Drying all-side SCB air knife advantages & materials: △ Made by whole stainless...
Product Details

SCB air knife is a 150-3000mm equipment made by aluminum alloy or stainless steel material, it is widely used in ultrasonic cleaning, glass cleaning, metal plate, all kinds of circuit boards conveyor belt, beer/ drinks/ canned etc. different industries water and dust cleaning and drying.

●Material: aluminium alloy

●Type: Long side, can be customized.

●Application: Plastic, Glass, Board

●Advantages: Drying all-side

- Advantages:

1.Outlet is adjustable (0.3mm-3mm).

2.Aluminium Alloy material have Hard anodic oxidation treatment, SS304/316 material enjoy the acid and alkali resistant, both enjoy high efficient and save energy.

3.Designed according to the aerodynamics with small wind resistance and symmetrical speed.

4.The max borne pressure is 5kgf/cm2, and speed reaches 400m/s.

5.Hot air is available, temperature can bear 250ºC.

6.Air knife can be used for blowing water, water curtain, drying, reduce the loss of cold / hot air.

7.Using with our centrifugal blowers, the efficient will be much better.

8.Length can be customized, consider the transportation usually length will be controlled within 3000mm long.

At present, SCB has stainless steel air knife, aluminum alloy air knife, coanda effect air knife (water-drop type), spider air knife, super air knife, ring air knife, jet air nozzle and so on. Completely kinds of air knife can meet all different kinds of applications.

- Applications:

1. Electronics: PCB, FPCB, LTD/TFT industry blowoff water and drying

2. Pipe Indstry: Steel tube in addition to water/dry, static electricity suppression

3. Semiconductor industry: PBGA, FBGA, SBGA, TBGA etc.

4. Automatic industry: engine parts etc. drying

5. Building Materials: Removing dust, water 

6. Food industry: all kinds of food, fresh water drying

7. Mdeical Devices

8. Pharmaceutical industry: Removing and drying water or oil, doing transfer

9. Dust-free Plant: removing the dust before enter into the workshop

SCB provides effective and efficient air knife systems for process drying, cooling and cleaning of conveyed products.

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