Can Air Drying Knife

Can Air Drying Knife
Outlet is adjustable (0.3mm-3mm).
Materials is SS304 or SS316, acid and alkail resistant.
Designed according to the aerodynamics with small wind resistance and sym metrical speed.
The max beared pressure is 5kgf/cm2, and speed reaches 400m/s.
Hot air is available, temperature can bear 250℃.
Air knife can be used for blowing water, water curtain, drying, reduce the loss of cold / hot air.
Product Details

Can Air Drying knife


1. Stainless steel air knife, eg: SCB - SS304 - 500mm, the effective length is 500mm, outlet size normally is 1mm (if have special requirement, please inform), materiral is SS 304.

2. When purchase, the effect length is C, not include the cover thickness is both sides. Eg: air knife length is 500mm, if add the cover thickness, the real length is 510mm.

3. Please avoid collision for the air knife edge during using. The air shouldn't have much thick dust, or will obstruct or damage the air knife.

4. Air knife outlet was completely made as standard before leave factory (except the special request). If need to change, please contact SCB team or consult the professional person.


△ Ultrasonic Washing & Cleaning & Drying Equipment

△ Fridge board drying; Auto Part Drying

△ Electroplating Parts Drying; Plastic Sheet Drying

△ Plating Drying and Cleaning System

△ PCB & PCBA Cleaning and Drying Equipment

△ Bottling Drying & Cleaning & Labeling System

△ Vacuum Filling Equipment;

△ Food Processing and Drying System

△ Vacuum Package Machine; Material Handling and Conveying

△ Air Coating System; Spraying System

△ CNC Table dust cleaning system


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