Ring Air Knife From China Air Knife Factory

Ring Air Knife From China Air Knife Factory
SCB Company provide various kinds of air knives to provide a better support in air drying line
Product Details

The Ring Air knife are also called Ring Blade because of its 360 degree blow off water around the part, It is  Easy to install and maintain. 

Reduced compressed air use for energy savings plus lower noise levels. 

Maintenance free with output easily controlled. 

Our ring air knife also designed according to Coanda effect, The 360 Degree round design drying Air Wipe System produces a “laminar” air flow to produce an output flow up to 30 times.


SCB ‘Ring’ Air Knives allow for circular and round product to be easily dried around their entire circumference.

‘Ring’ Air Knives are typically fabricated from Stainless Steel 304, and can be manufactured up to 750mm in diameter. This kind of air knife is necessary for drying round material, such as cable and wire products where the loading process needs to be simplified. An example of where this may be particularly useful is drying continuous extrusion.

Another example of is within the process of blown polymer film lines. Polymer is extruded, then passed through a water bath for cooling and then through a circular air knife to remove any remaining cooling water.

If you are interested in our ring air knife from china air knife factory, welcome to buy the quality and energy saving equipment with our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory also accepts the customized orders.
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