Air Knife Canada

Air Knife Canada
Model: SCB-CAD-Length
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air knife canada

SCB Energy saving Centrifugal Blowers and Air Knife Drying Systems provide cleaning, precise drying & blow-off solutions etc.


     1. Special outlet design, provide controllable and constantly air flow.

     2. Material:   aluminum alloy with anodized / hard anodized, acid and alkali resistant.

     3. Hot air is available, temperature can bear 250℃.

     4. The droplet shape and the improve air entrainment design provide high-speed and stable air flow.

     5. Anti-corrosion, anti-leakage design.

     6. Effective drying distances can reaches 400mm.

     7. Outlet is adjustable, range is 0.2mm-8mm

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SCB Air Knife introduction


1)  automotive industry: for blowing extra water, cooling liquid, dust, crumbs, etc., and spraying, cooling, drying and dust removing before plate spraying.

2)  the electronics industry: electronic circuit boards in the assembly before the rapid drying.

3)  canned drinks and bottles: beverage bottle label, inkjet or packaging, bottle or bottle of water and attachments blowing.

4)  The chemical industry: before labeling or packaging, the surface chemicals or moisture blowing.

5)  Food and medicine: in the manufacture or packaging before the water and attachments blowing, or bagging before opening and bag dust removal.

6)  Metal industry: blowing away coolant or other liquid from metal surface. Surface drying or cooling before Yu Paoguang, electroplating and spray painting.

7)  Rubber and plastic industry: blow off the surface dust or chip. Drain or dry before injection. Product cooling after injection molding.

8)  Printing (inkjet): inkjet, before printing dust, debris, water vapor blowing, or used in ink quick drying.

Air Knife Canada

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