China Compressor Blowers Air Knife Factory

China Compressor Blowers Air Knife Factory
Model: SCB-CAD-150 SCB Vacuum Tech Limited is air knife factory in China,We have been more than 10 years in air drying system,Expecting become your long-term partner in China
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We called the waterdrops air knife is Coanda effect air knife, because the Because the design of the air knife is based on the Coanda principle, the fluid (flow or flow) is changed from the original flow direction to a tendency to flow along the surface of the protruding object.When there is a surface friction between the fluid and the surface of the object that flows through it (also known as fluid viscosity), the flow will flow along the surface of the object as long as the curvature is small.According to Newton's third law, an object is applied with a deflection of the fluid, and the fluid must also apply a reverse deflection to the object.

China Compressor blowers Air knife Factory



1) The blade body of air knife is aluminum alloy, making precision, the wind has the characteristics of high efficiency, 

     rapid, practical and reliable.


2) The structure adopts unique design to ensure the wind resistance is small, the wind speed is average, the wind shape is uniform, and the accuracy can reach + 5%.


3) air outlet width adjustable (0.5-2mm), a variety of air inlet caliber and position optional, easy installation. 


4) Air intake caliber to meet the requirements of different air volume (50mm),  easy installation.


5) It can be matched with hot air blower. It can be dried by hot air or dried or sterilized by hot air.


6) Except for drying usage, the air knife also can be used as air curtain isolation, reduce the cold / hot air loss.


7) According to the shape of special-shaped structure design, production, in order to achieve the best effect. 

    The utility model can simplify the working procedure and improve the efficiency, and is suitable for the use of 

     large workpieces.

China Compressor blowers Air knife Factory

China Compressor Blowers Air Knife Factory



1)  automotive industry: for blowing extra water, cooling liquid, dust, crumbs, etc., and spraying, cooling, drying and dust removing before plate spraying.
2)  the electronics industry: electronic circuit boards in the assembly before the rapid drying.
3)  canned drinks and bottles: beverage bottle label, inkjet or packaging, bottle or bottle of water and attachments blowing.
4)  The chemical industry: before labeling or packaging, the surface chemicals or moisture blowing.
5)  Food and medicine: in the manufacture or packaging before the water and attachments blowing, or bagging before opening and bag dust removal.
6)  Metal industry: blowing away coolant or other liquid from metal surface. Surface drying or cooling before Yu Paoguang, electroplating and spray painting.
7)  Rubber and plastic industry: blow off the surface dust or chip. Drain or dry before injection. Product cooling after injection molding.
8)  Printing (inkjet): inkjet, before printing dust, debris, water vapor blowing, or used in ink quick drying.

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