Competitive Windjet Air Knife For Bottle Drying

Competitive Windjet Air Knife For Bottle Drying
Basic Info
Model: SCB-COM-L
Material: Aluminum Alloy & SS304 & SS316
Inlet:1/4'' BSPT
Length: 50mm-2000mm
OEM: Acceptable
Customized: Acceptable
Trademark: SCB
Origin: China
Product Details

Intended Use

1. blows air to accelerate the drying time of waterborne and solvent paint coatings. It amplifies the air intake thanks to the venturi air injection principle

2. Recommended working pressure is 2-6 bar

3. Flexible: Handheld or stand mounted. Has an independent adjustable air intake valve to control output. It is ergonomically designed for precise positioning and comfort. It also has an easily removable stainless steel air intake filter to prevent contamination

 4. Rugged: Made of corrosion resistant polished aluminum alloy or 316SS

Windjet air knife air consumption

Competitive windjet air knife dimension

windjet air knife curtain diffusion

windjet air knife curtains

Windjet air knife Advantages

Competitive Windjet air knife for bottling drying China Windjet Air Knife For Bottle Drying



1)  automotive industry: for blowing extra water, cooling liquid, dust, crumbs, etc., and spraying, cooling, drying and dust removing before plate spraying.
2)  the electronics industry: electronic circuit boards in the assembly before the rapid drying.
3)  canned drinks and bottles: beverage bottle label, inkjet or packaging, bottle or bottle of water and attachments blowing.
4)  The chemical industry: before labeling or packaging, the surface chemicals or moisture blowing.
5)  Food and medicine: in the manufacture or packaging before the water and attachments blowing, or bagging before opening and bag dust removal.
6)  Metal industry: blowing away coolant or other liquid from metal surface. Surface drying or cooling before Yu Paoguang, electroplating and spray painting.
7)  Rubber and plastic industry: blow off the surface dust or chip. Drain or dry before injection. Product cooling after injection molding.
8)  Printing (inkjet): inkjet, before printing dust, debris, water vapor blowing, or used in ink quick drying.

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