Bareshaft Belt Centrifugal Blower

Bareshaft Belt Centrifugal Blower
TH 533 B
Product Details

SCB revolutionary bareshaft centrifugal blower can create different pressure and air flow, the pressure can reach up to 1000mbar, this capacity is far more higher than any other gas ring pump. 

The bare shaft side channel vacuum blower can work up to 20, 000 hours without maintenance down time. 

These specialist machines have proven their reliability under the harshest of conditions.

1. Beautiful surface
2. Easy installation
3. Low noise level
4. No vibration, and therefore complete dynamic stability
5. Pulsation-free discharge
6. Minimal maintenance
7. Higher pressure ratio
8. Cooler running bearings
9. Longer grease life
10. Simple maintenance
11.100%oil-free air
12. Suitable for environmental protection
13. Small dimensions
14 continuous duty

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Bareshaft Belt centrifugal blower

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