Air Blower Systems

Air Blower Systems
Type: TKS-150
Power: 15-18.5kw
Air flow: 225-2298m3/h
Pressure: 270mbar
Weight: 95-185kgs
Product Details

air blower systems

SCB Air blower system are widely used in air knife drying system, Air knife cleanning line, The above photo is the blowers used in bottling drying factory with our spider air knives.

- Advantages

★  Energy Saving, Using ABB motor energy conversion reaches 60%

★  IE2 And IE3 Motor, High class protection

★  Easy to install and maintance free

★  Oil free and low noise

★  Competitive Price, good quality, Die-casting process

★  Both suction and blowing at the same time, Durable voltage

- Applications

△ Air Knife Cleaning and Drying System

△ Ultrasonic Washing & Cleaning & Drying Equipment

△ Fridge board drying; Auto part Drying

△ Electroplating parts Drying; Plastic sheet Drying

△ Plating Drying and Cleaning System

△ PCB & PCBA Cleaning and Drying Equipment

△ Vacuum Filling Equipment; Bottling drying system

△ Vacuum Package Machine; Material Handling and Conveying

△ Pneumatic Conveying system 

△ Dust-Free Plant; Water Treatment

△ Tank Aeration; Aquaculture; Shrimp & Fish Farm

△ Spa Pool & Swimming Pool Equipment; Jacuzzi Spas

△ Air Coating; Spraying System 

△ Biogas Transportation & Pressurization; Biogas Power Generation

△ Sand Blasting Machine

△ CNC Table

If you are interested in our air blower systems, welcome to buy the quality and energy saving equipment with our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory also accepts the customized orders.
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