China Competitive Bottle Dryer

China Competitive Bottle Dryer
Basic Info
Model NO.: Bottle dryer
Power: TKS-85-7.5kw
Air knife: spider air knife
frame: stainess steel
production capacity: 30000pcs
Brand: ABB
Certificate: Ce / CCC / ISO / TUV
Trademark: SCB
Product Details

Bottle dryer is a main equipment during package line in most industry. like Wine bottle dryer drying equipment Wine bottle drying machine Glass bottle drying machine

The air knife type bottle dryer is mainly used for drying the bottle before labeling. The machine adopts advanced air knife technology, no need heating, stable performance, can adjust the position of the drying according to the height of the bottle, the machine is suitable for a wide range of bottle shape, pollution caused by no brush, easy to operate, easy to repair At the same time, the cost of replacing the brush is omitted, and the equipment has no wearing parts, which is an ideal drying device.

Basic Info

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A full bottle dryer is mainly include centrifugal blower, air knife and stainess steel frame

▲ For the air knife, we suggest choosing our patent spider air knife, it can be adjusted the position    

      according to the different size of the bottles, much easier and convinient to doing drying work

▲  The Centrifugal blower is most important part in the full equipment, it direct affect the drying effect, 

      capacity etc. SCB air knife bottler dryer is using our super centrifugal blower, it is using ABB IE2/3 

      brand motor, belt-driven to reach a high speed and get the high air flow in a low power


1. High degree of automation, easy operation and stable operation, which can effectively save enterprise cost and improve production efficiency.

2. Each single machine can complete its work independently, with independent operating system, and electronic components such as numerical control display to control and adjust various parameters and display settings. Can help companies achieve standardized production.

3, each single machine linkage, separation is fast, and the adjustment is fast and simple, so that each process of production guarantees coordination.

4, each single machine can adapt to the packaging of a variety of specifications, and fewer adjustments.

5. This packaging production line adopts international new process design and conforms to GMP standards.

6. The production line runs smoothly, the functions are convenient to combine, and the maintenance is convenient. Various production combinations can be carried out according to the technical requirements of the users.

With its high velocity, high impact air stream, the SCB Air Knife bottle drying System can completely remove liquids typically found following a rinse operation. 

Air knives can be worked in many application

Bottle Drying using SCB Air Knife SystemsCompetitive air knfie bottle dryer

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