Industrial Centrifugal Blower

Industrial Centrifugal Blower
Type: TKS-300
Power: 30-37kw
Air flow: 510-4596m3/h
Pressure: 290mbar
Weight: 145-223kgs
Product Details

industrial centrifugal blower

industrial centrifugal blower

- Advantages

★  Energy Saving, Using ABB motor energy conversion reaches 60%
★  IE2 And IE3 Motor, High class protection
★  Easy to install and maintance free
★  Oil free and low noise
★  Competitive Price, good quality, Die-casting process
★  Both suction and blowing at the same time, Durable voltage

- Applications

△ Air Knife Cleaning and Drying System

△ Ultrasonic Washing & Cleaning & Drying Equipment

△ Fridge board drying; Auto part Drying

△ Electroplating parts Drying; Plastic sheet Drying

△ Plating Drying and Cleaning System

△ PCB & PCBA Cleaning and Drying Equipment

△ Vacuum Filling Equipment; Bottling drying system

△ Vacuum Package Machine; Material Handling and Conveying

△ Pneumatic Conveying system 

△ Dust-Free Plant; Water Treatment

△ Tank Aeration; Aquaculture; Shrimp & Fish Farm

△ Spa Pool & Swimming Pool Equipment; Jacuzzi Spas

△ Air Coating; Spraying System 

△ Biogas Transportation & Pressurization; Biogas Power Generation

△ Sand Blasting Machine

△ CNC Table


SCB Vacuum Company service

 A.  Professional design and die-casting blowers make sure the stable capacity
 B.  Engineer Teams help you choosing the best suitable models
 C.  OEM service available
 D.  Full products range: ring blowers, belt-driven blowers, Atex blowers, IP55 etc
 E.  1 year warrenty, 24hours service support
 F.  Super quality with Competitive Price
 G.  Delivery time is 1week after payment


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