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Development trend of air cooler industry in China 2014

Fan in recent years, the cold air machine market has shown a commendable continued active posture, the industry demand increased, the company's production and sales volume stable, the market share is expanding and other favorable factors continue to debut. But under the fiery coat, but the waves of dark Chung, the market competition is increasingly fierce, enterprise profitability is not much better than before, R & D capacity is still insufficient, affecting the industry and the long-term development of enterprises. What new trends will the cooler 2014 be?

Standardization index and development need breakthrough

China's consumer market is very unique, after all over the country, whether it is geological conditions, temperature conditions, or the specific use of the needs of the corresponding industrial development environment, and so on, is not the same, and even difficult to close, which has created the characteristics of the cooling fan demand differentiation, that is personalized embodiment.

Many times, when the use of cold storage of the more fully and in-depth, people will increase their dependence on the cold storage of daily life impact. At the same time, different cultural differences, geographical conditions and economic conditions caused the difference of people's final demand, so the increase in dependence also deepened the people's perception of the cooler, and improved the clarity of the cooling fan demand cognition. The clarity of this cognitive focus is reflected in the demand for non-calibration refrigeration fans. The development trend will undoubtedly have some influence on the development of the Standardization and Standardization index of the cooler.

Overall, because the cooler has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, it is concerned about the refrigeration and development of various industries. We believe that only better grasp the technical superiority and grasp the market demand, the cold air blower in the refrigerator application will shine.

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