Industrial Knowledge

No power blower

The energy consumption of the blower key to the system is a very important part of building energy saving. According to the national air-conditioning equipment quality Supervision and inspection Center for many years of wind turbine test indicates that many fans in the rated operating conditions under the problem, so the need to strictly comply with the requirements of product standards production and manufacture of fans.

The standard of wind turbine manufacturing and air blower testing is mainly GB/T 1236-2000 "industrial ventilator standardized duct performance test", JB/T 9068-1999 "forward multi-wing centrifugal fan", JB/T 8932-1999 "Wind chassis", GB 10080-2001 "air conditioning fan safety Requirements", JB/T 9069-2000 "roof ventilator", GB 10178-2006 "industrial ventilator on-site performance test", JB /t 10281-2001 "fire exhaust ventilation fan technical conditions", GB/T 13933-2008 "mini-flow Fan", JB/T 6411-1992 "HVAC, air conditioner shaft circulating fan", JB/T 7258-2006 "general purpose centrifugal blower", JB/T 10562-2006 "general purpose shaft circulating fan technical conditions", JB/T 10563-2006 "general purpose centrifugal fan technical conditions", GB 19761-2009 "ventilation function and energy-saving value and evaluation value", JG/T 259-2009 "Jet induction Unit", JB/T 7221-1994 "unit air conditioning units with double inlet centrifugal fan", JB/T 8932-1999 "Wind chassis" and so on.