Industrial Knowledge

Notice when air Blower stops using

1. Emergency downtime: In the process of commissioning of the unit, in case of one of the following conditions, urgent downtime. Emergency shutdown operation is to press the main motor stop button, and then after the shutdown of the aftercare treatment work;

A. The centrifugal blower suddenly has a strong vibration and has exceeded the tripping value;

B. There is a scratch or abnormal friction sound inside the body;

C. A smoke phenomenon in any bearing or seal, or a bearing temperature rises sharply to the alarm value;

D. Oil is depressed to the alarm value and cannot be restored to normal;

E. Low liquid level of fuel tank, there is air suction phenomenon;

F. The axial displacement value of the apparent continuous growth, reaching the alarm value;

2. Normal Downtime:

A. Gradually open the vent valve, while gradually closing the exhaust valve;

B. Gradually shut down the small intake throttle door to 20 25;

C. Press the Stop button and pay attention to the abnormal phenomena during the shutdown process;

D. After the unit stops 5~10min, or the bearing temperature is lowered to below 45 degrees Celsius, the oil supply can be stopped. For the unit with floating ring seal, the sealing oil pump must continue to supply oil until the body temperature is below 80 degrees Celsius;

Unit downtime, 2-4-hour periodic rotor 180 degrees