5 Years Later, The New Air Purifier Will Substitute For Air-conditioning

Last year, the air purifier continued to break into the sales list of small household appliances.  Yesterday, broad air quality general manager Hu Jie in Wuhan suning "to the Haze Experience Hall" in the Yangtze River business newspaper reporter revealed that the new GB air purifier will be implemented early this year to the end of next year, but he predicted that 5 years later, the air purifier will gradually disappear from the market. "PM2.5 inhalation amount is 1458.7 micrograms, precipitation into the alveolar can not be discharged to 972.5 micrograms, leading to the death risk of cardio-lung disease 8.4%, the risk of cancer mortality increased 12.3% ..." for breathing clean air, people have purchased health appliances.

Suning easy to buy only has 305 air purifier brands, can be selected related products up to 2868 units, 59 yuan to tens of thousands of products have, the best selling home empty net price of 3288 yuan. In addition, from Beijing east of the data show that 2013 Beijing-East air purifier sales amounted to 1 billion, retail sales grew 420%.

Hu Jie to the Yangtze River Business news reporter revealed that the air purifier new GB is expected to be implemented early next year. When the citizen spends thousands of yuan on the air purifier, it has been in the air purifier market for ten years of Hu Jie but said: "5 years later, the air purifier will gradually disappear." ”