How The Air Knife Works In Air Knife Drying System


Centrifugal blower / side channel blower, pipe (soft pipe/ stainess steel pipe), stainess steel air knife/ aluminium alloy air knife / coanda effect air knife


Centrifugal blower :  providing air

Pipe : transport the air from centrifugal blower to air knife

Air knife : Drying the material

Air comes from our centrifugal blower, when the centrifugal blower creats airs, it will be transport to air knife through pipe, and compressed air enters into the air knife, compressed air enters at rear ports, air is entrained by the compressed air stream leaving the knife. Airflow is directed in a perfect 90degree angle to create a uniform sheet of air, when comes out from air knife, it is strong and uniform to drying the material

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Air knife drying system