Domestic Fan Technology Trends: Large Blades And One-stop Solutions

Founded 6 years of Blade Dynamics Company, is developing a new technology to make the world's largest fan blade, its claimed length can reach 100 meters, the world's largest leaf blade but only 75 meters long.

Fan blade is the key core of wind energy technology progress, its good design, reliable quality and superior performance are the decisive factors to ensure the normal and stable operation of the unit. And the longer blade can also be matched with high-power fan manufacturing, this trend is increasingly evident nowadays. In addition, in the fan industry, also need to conquer high-end parts manufacturing, how to improve the operating efficiency of a single fan and the entire wind farm problems.

Blade "larger"

Although our country is the big country of wind resources, but more than 50% of the land of wind resources are attributed to "low wind speed" resources, the whole year more than 3/4% of the time, the wind speed in 5~7 meters per second, can not reach nearly 10 meters per second rated wind speed. Therefore, to capture and make full use of low wind energy resources and achieve full power generation of wind turbines, we have to improve wind turbine blade capacity, the development of large power, blade long wind turbine blade.

Although it is also suggested that the larger fan installation and operating costs than the small wind, a lot more than confidential, but not to ignore is that the power of the total production cost per kilowatt, generally with the increase of the fan will decrease. In the high-profile offshore wind power market, the use of more powerful fans and longer blades, to reduce costs and improve efficiency.