General Requirements For Fan Installation

(1) The foundation, silencing and shockproof device of the blower shall conform to the requirements of the equipment technical documents.

(2) When assembling the fans at the scene, the ropes are tied to the surface of the mechanical parts.

(3) The pressure of the fan's lubrication, oil cooling and sealing system shall be tested in strength. When the equipment technical documents are not stipulated, the pressure of the hydrostatic test should be 1.25-1.5 times times the maximum working pressure, pressure test should not be the maximum pressure of 1.05 times times.

(4) Fan inlet duct, exhaust duct, valve parts, regulating device, etc., should be separately supported, each pipe and fan connection with the flange should be flat, not mandatory connection, chassis should not withstand the external load to prevent deformation of the chassis.

(5) The wind turbine connected piping needs to be cut or welded, should not make the casing deformation, generally appropriate in the pipeline and the chassis after taking off.

(6) The transverse center line of the blower is subject to the import and export Pipeline Center, and the longitudinal centerline is subject to the propeller shaft, and its deviation shall not be greater than ± 5mm.

(7) The elevation of the blower is the base point of the propeller shaft, and the deviation must not be greater than ± 1mm.

(8) The level of the blower is 0.2mm/m.