Industry Knowledge Of Ventilation Engineering

Ventilation can be classified into full ventilation and local ventilation according to the range. Full ventilation also known as dilution ventilation, it is the entire space for ventilation. Local ventilation is the place where pollutants are collected directly from the polluted air to outdoor, or directly to the local space to supply fresh air. Local ventilation has the advantages of good ventilation effect and air volume saving.

Ventilation equipment is required for mechanical ventilation. Probing into mine roadway is a single-headed roadway, commonly used axial fan, centrifugal fan, dust blower, airflow purifier, dust collector, pressure spray water, pressure gas spray water, and ventilation with the combination of air duct and other ventilation.

Construction methods and requirements of ventilation engineering

1, according to the characteristics of the project, the venue should be spacious, bright, clean, ground leveling. The processing of basic equipment and power supply safety protection equipment needs to be complete.

2, the installation of the duct to the installation of the obstruction has been cleaned up, the ground does not interfere with the construction of debris under the conditions.

3, the equipment in the structure of the building has been done, indoor rough decoration and internal partitions, flooring has been installed under the conditions, at this time the ventilation system of the dry tube is also installed.