Six Rules Of Mixing Fan Maintenance

Six rules for the maintenance of mixed flow fans:

1. Must carefully inspect the fan blade and the chassis before installing the wind turbine whether the damage or deformation due to transport, if so, should be repaired and then installed;

2. Check whether there is a loose connection screw between the various parts of the mixing fan. If the blade and the wind cylinder are loose with the connection screw and touch the shell, such as the blade gap is uneven, should be adjusted before installing;

3. If the motor temperature rises more than 70 degrees Celsius, motor Chang white smoke or a strong vibration or a larger noise, should be immediately shut down repair;

4. Before the blower starts, first must inspect the blower and the pipe inside has the obstacle turning the goods;

5. Check the motor insulation performance before installing the flow fan, and inspect the friction collision and abnormal vibration after connecting the power supply;

6. In normal operation, if you encounter an unknown situation or encounter abnormal situation in the instructions. should stop checking immediately.